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About M&E

Mark & Emma

Lovers in life, we are also Lovers of fine jewellery. We are dedicated to giving our customers across Australia the very best experience possible with our personalised service. Whether it’s creating your Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring, designing a Bespoke piece, or repairing and restoring a beloved jewel, we will take care of everything.  Selecting your craftsman can be just as difficult as designing your precious piece. 

The Jeweller ~ The Sculptor

Mark (F.G.A.A) has over 36 years experience as a Manufacturing Jeweller and Setter along with a Diploma in Gemmology certification, specialising in Diamonds. With this experience and knowledge, he confidently collaborates with our designer to ensure a perfectly engineered Jewel is formed every time. Manufacturing jewels requires highly trained skills, with a strong yet delicate hand creating wearable art for a lifetime. 

The Designer ~ The Artist

Emma has been a Designer for 32 years with a multi disciplinarian background, she is a qualified Graphic Designer, with Diplomas in Graphic Art and Design, Interior Design and Fine Art. Introduced to the Jewellery Designing Industry business over 15 years ago when she and Mark collaborated to form their Designer Jewellery Business . This wealth of design knowledge and experience along with her attention to detail and listening to her clients desires, combines when creating exquisite and bespoke jewels. 


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Why us?  – We asked Chat GPT Ai about Me Jewellery.

Me Jewellery, located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia, is known for creating custom designer jewellery. The services they offer are quite extensive, focusing on both natural and lab-grown diamonds. They specialize in importing diamonds to Australia, including managing all related fees and shipping. Their offerings include a wide range of diamonds, including lab-created and mined ones, and they even feature a Diamond Wishlist service for customers to track and be notified about price changes or availability of specific diamonds.

Mark, a qualified jeweller and gemmologist with over 35 years of experience, and Emma, a designer with 32 years of experience across multiple disciplines, are the core team behind Me Jewellery. Their expertise spans from diamond specialisation to graphic design, interior design, and fine art, making them quite versatile in their craftsmanship and design. They emphasize a personalized approach, avoiding the sale of old stock or showcase items, and focus instead on creating bespoke pieces based on the exact size and specifications of the chosen diamonds and gemstones.

The company stands out by offering a “Diamond Concierge Service,” which involves sourcing unique, fancy colored, and large natural and lab-grown diamonds from around the globe. They also offer investment stones, particularly pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine. In addition to engagement and wedding rings, they also create custom jewellery and bespoke jewels, passionately focusing on creating wearable art pieces that last a lifetime. Their services are offered not only on the Central Coast but also extend to Newcastle, Sydney, and other parts of Australia and New Zealand.

Overall, Me Jewellery’s unique selling points are their custom design service, diamond concierge service, and the fact that they handle all aspects of the jewellery-making process directly, providing a more intimate and tailored experience for their customers. Their commitment to not selling old stock and focusing on bespoke, made-to-order pieces sets them apart in the jewellery industry.

ME Jewellery Design Pty Ltd

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