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Charles and Colvard Moissanite Central Coast
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White stones for your Engagement Ring, Me Jewellery offers Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds and Moissanites. We are proud to offer you one of the best premium Moissanites made in the USA, ‘Charles & Colvard® Australia ‘Forever One’ Moissanites’. 
We will BEAT the listed price on Charles & Colvard website! just ask us for a quote. CharlesandColvard.com 
We can offer you the exact same Moissanite, manufactured by Charles & Colvard, they are not seconds, they are brand new laser inscribed Moissanites from the USA. 
A Moissanite is essentially a Lab Grown Diamond alternative, giving customers another option to meet their budget and needs. A Moissanite still offers the same fire, and brilliance of a Diamond but the price is a lot less. One of the most distinguishable and desirable elements of a Moissanite gemstone is its “Brilliance” or dispersion. Dispersion is a property of a gemstone caused as light transmits through the gemstone on certain wavelengths. A Moissanite dispersion displays 2.4 times the brilliance of a diamond caused by the Moissanites ‘double refraction’ (mirroring) qualities. This is what gives Moissanite the Brilliance & Scintillation that is loved by so many. 
A ‘Charles and Colvard’ Forever One Moissanite Australia has 10% more brilliance than a diamond. Forever One Moissanite gemstones manufactured by Charles & Colvard all go through their Gemstones Quality Assurance department. All their stones are measured for calibration accuracy, making sure if it says 6.5mm it is indeed that size. ‘Forever One Moissanites’ can be purchased up 12mm or the approximate Diamond Weight equivalent of 6.8cts!
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Brilliance Refraction Index

  • DIAMOND: 2.42
  • RUBY: 1.77
  • SAPPHIRE: 1.77
  • EMERALD: 1.58


  • DIAMOND: 0.044
  • RUBY: 0.018
  • SAPPHIRE: 0.018
  • EMERALD: 0.014

Mohs Scale

  • DIAMOND: 10
  • RUBY: 9
  • EMERALD: 7.5
Forever One Moissanite Australia

Me Jewellery.com.au (Aus)

Forever One 2.20CTW Round Moissanite Gemstone
$ 2'299 AUD
  • incl GST
18 June 2021
  • CUT: Round Brilliant
  • Carat Total Weight (DEW) 2.20ctw
Forever One Moissanite Australia

Charles & Colvard.com (USA)

Forever One 2.20CTW Round Moissanite Gemstone
$ 2'420 AUD
  • incl GST
18 June 2021
  • CUT: Round Brilliant
  • Carat Total Weight (DEW) 2.20ctw

Moissanite FAQ's

Yes, a Moissanite is cheaper than both a Naturally Mined Diamond and a Lab Grown Diamond.

A Natural Mined Diamond is and always will be more expensive.

Diamonds, both Natural Mined and Lab Grown Diamonds are the hardest known gemstones in the world with a Moh’s hardness scale of 10.  A Moissanite’s hardness is 9.25, which is extremely hard wearing.  A Sapphire and Ruby have a hardness of 9.

All the shapes are an improvement from the Forever Brilliant because the stacking of the SiC material was able to make the material whiter than the Forever Brilliant material. Forever One stones are so pure and white they look amazing in all Jewellery. But the Hearts & Arrows Round Brilliant Cut would stand out above the others.

Forever One Moissanites does take up to 3 months to bring a Moissanite to its finished stage as a beautiful Forever One Moissanite gemstone. There are many other moissanites on the market but none are as brilliant as the ‘Forever One’. Time is a virtue when creating a beautiful stone.

The Forever One Moissanites are basically classed as flawless and are not graded the same as diamonds for Clairty, but their colour does vary.  Moissanites colours are classed using the ‘GIA’ Diamond Colour Grading system. Moissanites are grouped into colour varation brackets. DEF colourless and GHI near colourless.

While Moissanites closely resembles a natural diamond, it’s NOT a diamond, synthetic diamond, a brand of diamond or diamond simulant like CZ. They are on their own as a Diamond Alternative.

A ‘Forever One’ Moissanite definitely appears brighter with a clearer clarity.  Some of the other Moissanites are still very nice, but when they are placed next to each other , there is an obvious difference.

Yes, we can send your Moissanite FREE Australia wide.

We offer a 30 day Money back Guarantee.

YES, we will actually beat Charles & Colvard on their listed price on their own website – we are buying them direct.

All Charles and Colvard Moissanites are laser inscribed on the girdle of the stone, so you can be assured that you are receiving a ‘Genuine’ Charles and Colvard Moissanite.

Charles and Colvard Moissanite Central Coast
Img: Charles & Colvard TM - C
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