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Our Lab Grown Diamond Website offers you thousands of lab grown diamonds available in Australia and Internationally. Select your Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat Weight with advanced options to select Polish and Symmetry. Browse at your leisure, compare Diamonds with interactive 360 degree video’s of the actual Diamonds and their diamond certification reports.  All Diamonds listed are Certified and Laser Inscribed by either the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) either in the USA or Antwerp, the GIA or GCAL Diamond Grading laboratories.

Pricing is not listed due to constant pricing fluctuations in the US/AUD dollar and we want to give you the best PRICE$

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HOW? If you have found a diamond on our list or just wish to compare the price with an Australian or an Overseas website like JamesAllen-Blue Nile-Brilliant Earth etc, contact us with the diamonds reference number (labdiamondlist) or Diamond Report/Certificate number, and we will give you a price within 2-4 hours of what we can offer you. 

Quite often on the ‘same diamond’.

 We do all the Importing and take the nervous hassle of buying the right Diamond. FREE Shipping in Australia and New Zealand Wide. Diamond prices fluctuate with the US dollar and we will give you the best price we can on the day.

Our Risk Free Diamond Purchase Policy

Our return policy offers you a 30 day money back guarantee and 45 day full exchange on all loose diamonds.
We do this to provide you with a truly risk-free purchase experience. If you need to return a stone for a any reason,
simply return it within the time frame for a full refund or exchange. For the refund or exchange to be processed,
the stones must be the same stone that you received, in perfect condition (no chips or scratches or any damage),
and with the original certificates that were given to you.
(Australian Based Diamonds only)

We are not only your Central Coast stockist's of Wholesale Lab Grown Diamonds, we deliver the best price Lab Grown Diamonds across Australia and New Zealand.

Lab grown diamonds are a great option for the budget conscious customer, who also likes knowing they are helping the environment, with 100% guarantee that your Diamond is ‘Conflict Free? 

Learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds and FAQ’s here.

lab grown diamonds australia
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Fancy Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds Australia

We also offer some gorgeous Fancy Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds in various shapes, sizes, colours and clarities.

Just like White or Colourless Lab Grown Diamonds, Fancy Coloured Lab Grown Diamonds are a great alternative to naturally mined Coloured Diamonds, just without the exorbitant price tag.

Fancy Coloured Diamonds come in Fancy Vivid Pink similar to the Argyle Mined Diamonds, Bright Blues, Stunning Greens, Yellow, Oranges and all the colours in between.

Learn more about Lab Grown Diamonds and FAQ’s here.

Fancy Vivid Pink Lab Grown Diamond


This fancy coloured Pink lab grown diamond weighs exactly 1.00ct and has a clarity of VVS. IGI Certified. Price on Application$

Vivid Blue Lab Grown Diamond


This fancy coloured Blue lab grown diamond weighs exactly 1.01ct and has a perfect clarity of Internally Flawless. IGI Certified. Price on Application$

Sonny - Loose 1.03ct Round Brilliant Cut Lab Grown Diamond. H-VVS2
Sonny - Loose 1.03ct Round Brilliant Cut Lab Grown Diamond. H-VVS2
Cairns - QLD
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Amazing experience working with Mark from Me Jewelery We were looking for a diamond for our engagement ring, so we started searching online, you get bombarded with all the big online overseas retailers hammering you with ads & searches. So I started looking through their catalogues & talking with their experts. They asked you a few questions, looked at your budget & just put 3 options in front of you & said these were great for what you are looking for. Not really explained why these particular diamonds were suited to us or what other options we could look at. From all the work I had done learning about diamonds I think I could've chosen better diamonds traits at the same price. This was something that had to mean something to us, it was special & not just here is 3 options pick one & send us your card no. It had been 3 months of searching & learning & to be honest we were kind of just at that point where you just wanted it over & done ................."click to read more".
Jade & Tim - Trilogy Engagement Ring with three identical Ideal Cut  'Hearts & Arrows' Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.
Jade & Tim - Trilogy Engagement Ring with three identical Ideal Cut 'Hearts & Arrows' Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds.
Bayswater - WA
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Unbelievably good experience building our custom ring with Emma and Mark. Not only were they very patient with our millions of questions, they kept us updated through every step of the process, ensuring the finished product was exactly what we were after. Absolutely in love with my engagement ring and couldn't recommend them enough-thank you!

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