Bow Tie Effect Observed in Diamonds 1

Bow Tie Effect

A ‘Bow Tie effect’ in diamonds appear as a black/grey or dark line or shadow running across diamonds on their narrow side.  This can usually only be seen in diamonds when viewed ‘face up’. Diamonds that are typically asymmetrical in cut are susceptible to this unfortunate flaw, such as a Marquise, OvalHeart and Pear.

Pictured is a Pear Cut Diamond with an obvious black/grey line running across the lower part of the stone. We would advise against this diamond!

Now you know what the ‘Bow Tie effect’ is, it’s best to try an avoid stones with a pronounced one.  Of the cuts mentioned above most of them will have some form of ‘Bow Tie’ within them, its just a matter of minimizing it and finding the right cut.  Stones of nearly identical proportions and cuts can vary with some displaying the ‘Bow Tie’ prominently while others will not.  The most common of causes is in the cutting and the lack of precision on the facets.  This in turn interferes with the refraction of light entering the diamond.

Consideration must be taken in the way which light is refracting in the tips of these diamonds. Bright and lively tips tend to reduce the effect and something to be aware of. That being said it can be a real issue when buying diamonds online.

A huge number of online retailers list stones they don’t actually have and list the wholesaler’s inventory. Even Diamond Certifications or alternate diamond grading reports will not mention if your stone has a great big ‘Bow Tie’ or a small one that maybe acceptable. While most of the retailers will have a live chat, they wont be able to really enlighten you on the visual aspect of a particular diamond.

If you are searching for your perfect Pear Diamond, Oval Cut Diamond, Marquise Cut Diamond or Heart Cut Diamond with a minimal bow-tie, we will hunt one down for you.  We will get the Natural Mined or Lab Grown Diamonds in our studio for you to view or we will select one with you via a Zoom video Australia wide.

Bow Tie Effect Observed in Diamonds 2

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