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Pink Diamonds from Argyle

Pink diamonds have become one of the most sought after  diamond colours around the World. None more so than from our very own Australian Argyle mine within the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Whilst the exact scientific reason for the pink hues are still a little puzzling their colour and allure is for all to admire. 

Almost all other coloured diamonds exhibit a trace element, (eg:boron, nitrogen, hydrogen) which is said to help determine some colours. Pink diamonds are said to obtain their colours from the earths extreme forces when they were produced over a billion years ago.

Me Jewellery on the Central Coast have access to some of the rarest and finest from the Argyle range of Diamonds. Get in touch to see what we can find you. 

Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine
Argyle Diamond Mine Aerial View
Image Courtesy of Flickr: Phil Hartell

Grading & Value

As previously stated Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine are graded utilsing the 4C’s diamond grading scale. Except the white diamond colour scale.  The image here depicts the colour grading scale for Argyle Pink Diamonds. There are three distinct attributes to determine the colour grading of a Pink Diamond.

There are also two variances that are worth mentioning to Investors. Argyle have used two differing  classifications of their diamonds Clarity.  The Certification of Authenticity from the Argyle Mine can show Clarities as ‘SIAV’  or P1,P2, P3.

‘SIAV’ appears to use this clarity grading as a generalised term instead of grading them SI1 or SI2.  The P1’P2’P3 gradings are an older term ‘pique’ for diamonds that are classed as ‘Included’.  The current diamond industry tends to use I1,I2 & I3. Diamonds with an I3 or P3 are heavily included.

Hue : The dominant colour of the diamond. Sometimes there are modifying colour or tints that affect hue. For example, a diamond with a pink hue may have a purplish tint.

Saturation: The intensity in the pink hue. Hue saturation in pink diamonds can range from light pink to intense, and at the strongest, saturation vivid.

Tone:  The amount of lightness or darkness in the diamonds. the range of tones extend from light to dark


Colour can be a personnel taste however Pink Diamonds are more valuable if their colour range is intense with Colours simply stated, RED – Purplish RED- PINKISH RED then flowing into categories from ie 1P, 1PP, 1PR right through to White colourless stones.


Pink Diamonds from Argyle Mine in Australia
Click to - see the full colur range at Argyle

Certificate of Authenticity

Pink Diamonds from the Argyle Mine come with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity for every diamond weighing over 0.08cts along with their identification number and Argyle Logo laser inscribed around their girdle.  For diamonds smaller than 0.08cts their Lot no’s will be supplied and can be traced back to the Argyle mine.

This detailed certification process gives us and you the customer peace of mind that you are in fact getting the real Australian Argyle Quality Diamond.

Argyle Certification
Image ownership - RioTino

Investing in Pink Argyle Diamonds

We’ve all heard stories about investing and the next big thing to put your money into. Pink Diamonds mined at Argyle have have certainly proved their investment potential over the past few years.  Investing in these diamonds is something every investment portfolio should have. Me Jewellery can assist you in Pink Diamond Education, Selecting and Storing your priceless Gems with Guardian Vaults and have access to Insurance via Kalins Australia that work with Lloyds of London.

Analysing years from 2005 to 2018

  • Argyle Pink Diamonds have gained a Total Appreciation of 361.9% (with a compound annual growth of 12.5%)
  • GOLD has gained a Total Appreciation of 209%. (with a compound annual growth of 12.5%)
  • White Diamonds have gained a Total Appreciation of 27.2%. (with a compound annual growth of 1.2%)

2019 – 2021

Whilst no one will deny that Covid-19 certainly put a dampener on almost every industry including the Diamonds, however the luxury item market stayed relatively steady and soon regained momentum since most people with vast wealth were only marginally affected by way of their ability to travel. Money was used in the purchasing luxury items.

Argyle stones over the past 10-15 years have increased their value up to 200 % and some considerably more with the rarest and largest stones.

I would say it requires around 3 years until you will earn back the original investment while exchanging. But this statement is mine alone, a Pink Diamond from Argyle over 0.50ct will have a much higher initial purchase price to begin with and may take even more time. Once more, you shouldn’t expect a quick sale and making a killing in the following a couple of months. We are finding buyers are diversifying their privately funded Superannuation with there rare Gems. Like with most investments, it’s the long term goals we look for, and I can’t see that changing, since the Mine is now closed.

As an investment strategy we are mainly focused on the Colour, Carat Weight and Clarity, the overall Cut doesn’t really come into play here unless you intend to use this Diamond in an article of Jewellery. The goal here is buy well and at the right price, don’t fixate on a round brilliant cut when all you are going to do is have it safely stored away for years. It’s an asset, be it beautiful and mesmerising to look at it is just an investment.

When buying an Argyle diamond, you will own a rare, disappearing heritage of Australia, which can not be reproduced or manufactured again.
When purchasing a Pink Diamond from the Argyle mine, you will own part of Australia’s history in it’s rarest and most beautiful form. Your Diamond cannot be remade or renewed from the Earth from where it was created.

Pricing seen at trade auctions over the past 2-3 years has risen exponentially and of course this price is then relayed into the consumer sector.

Colour grades in the 1-2P/1-2PR/1-2PP have also become increasingly rarer to find. Even smaller stones around 0.10 – 0.17 to 0.18 – 0.22 in good colours are becoming rarer.

The 2021 Argyle Pink Tender has just completed with SOLD prices being withheld. Click here for the official News Release from Rio Tinto

We source our certified Pink Diamonds from the Argyle mine throughout the globe.

Anything from small melee (>0.07ct) right up to larger diamonds over 1.00ct.

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