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importing diamonds or rings into australia

Importing Diamonds or Rings into Australia

It looks easy enough, just click a few buttons and my ring comes. Many overseas jewellery websites are offering you the convenient option of viewing and paying in Australian Dollars and quite often also offering Free Shipping and Returns!, plus It makes sense to shop around, we all do it, no one wants to pay more than they should.

Import Tax – Duty Estimates & Calculator are listed below ↓

Sounds and looks too good? especially when you are seeing Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds or Rings on overseas websites like Blue Nile , Brilliant Earth , James Allen , Brian Gavin  , Whiteflash , 77 Diamonds  Ritani etc etc at what appears great value and sometimes better than Australian websites.  Well it often is too good to be true, there are hidden costs and lots of unknowns associated with importing and returning your Diamonds and Ring.

You have found our page because you were searching for what it’s really going to cost you to actually bring a diamond and/or ring into Australia.  Why did we write this article? well, we see and hear from newly engaged couples that have purchased rings from overseas and need them resized, a stone is loose or just some reassurance that they have received what they paid for.

I’ve look into the up’s and downs of importing your Naturally Mined Diamond, your Lab Grown Diamond, Moissanites or Jewellery into Australia, and i’ve included a few helpful links if you are certain that’s the way to go.

What does it really cost? The three most important things many buyers don't take into account when importing a Diamond or Ring

  • 1) On the website you are looking at, is the GST (10%) included?

    Any Diamond or article of jewellery imported into Australia is subject to our 10% GST at the minimum.

  • 2) What is the import tax on Jewellery from the USA to Australia ?

    Loose Diamonds & Gemstones only incur the 10% GST, However a finished article of Jewellery, eg; Engagement ring, pendant will incur an extra 5% Import Duty.  So add a total of 15% on top for a finished ring.

  • 3)  The Australian Dollar price indicated on these websites is an ESTIMATE!

    When you pay for your Diamond or Ring you will usually be charged in US, UK or Euro's depending on the sellers location.  Even if you are paying in Australian Dollars, what 'Exchange Rate' are these websites offering you? They don't say!.....Your Bank or Building Society in Australia ultimately dictates what rate you get on the day and charged accordingly.

Brilliant Earth - Taxes not included
* Img: Brilliant Earth®

Not sure?

Diamond Proposal Box

Propose with a Diamond

Having second thoughts about what Engagement Ring to select? Propose with a Diamond! Every Loose Diamond Purchased from Me Jewellery is supplied with a 'Diamond Proposal Box' Your Diamond will be sent in this box ready for you propose when and where you choose.  Propose with a diamond and take it to your local Jeweller, then together design your dream ring. No more worries about an incorrect finger size or the design is all wrong. Your local Jeweller can then service and maintain your ring for years to come. Or get in touch for some personalised service and have your ring designed and made by Me Jewellery.

Our Risk Free Diamond Purchase Policy - Me Jewellery

Each and every diamond purchased will be triple checked by our in-house Gemmologist.  Your diamond will be checked for the correct ‘Laser Inscription’ Colour checked and Clarity checked. 


Duty and Tax Calculator - Estimates - James


James Allen Australia Tax & Duty Calculator for importing Rings or Diamonds

James Allen Australia - Duty/Tax Calculator

This link will take you to James Allen's Customer Service page - To get their Tax/Duty estimate you need to click the link at the bottom of the page.
"TAX & DUTY CALCULATOR" circled in red.

*Please note: Me Jewellery has listed these links in good faith to educate & inform you of what the costs are to import a loose Diamond or Engagement Ring. We do not take any responsibility for the information they have provided.

*Images: The images used-depicted on this page are borrowed from the websites indicated and are not associated with Me Jewellery. We are using these images as ‘Fair Use’ and will remove them if requested to do so.

Australian Customs

We all have heard of them, and most of know that we need them to help enforce our laws and protect our Flora and Fauna from items entering Australia that may or will damage our way of life. The Australian Customs office works closely with the Australian Border Force, The Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment, and the Federal Police to help enforce our laws.

So let’s look at what’s involved in getting your Diamond or Ring into the Country and shipped to your house.

Does the ring fit? who will resize it? Resizing also costs money and you may have to wait 4-6 weeks to get the ring back from the jewellers resizing it?
Some rings will have to be completely remade if the band has to go up or down a long way.

We at Me Jewellery will try to be the most price competitive as we can be, but sometimes Diamonds, rings and Jewellery are being sold at below cost by other Jewellers and Merchants.  This usually only happens rarely and is because certain items may now be classed as ‘dead stock’ it hasn’t sold so businesses move it on and free up some capital money for the business.  Check the Diamond report/Certificate date, if your diamond was certified over 3-4 years ago, one has to ask, why hasn’t it been sold yet? Sometimes a bargain might be too good to be true! 

If you are still deciding whether to purchase your Diamond, Ring or Jewellery oversea’s then these FAQ’s below & links may help you work out some other costs.

Importing a Diamond or Jewellery into Australia -FAQ

Most frequently asked questions and answers

The Australian Border Force / Customs requires an N10 form for Formal Entry into Australia. You should find that most oversea’s jewellers will have this filled out for you with their Air Way Bill when they schedule your import.

The fee’s however are the purchasers responsibility.

This is the Link: N10 Customs

  1. GST: The biggest cost is the GST, any Diamond or article of Jewellery imported into Australia is subject to our 10% GST.
  2. Import Duty: Import duty is another 5% of the value of your goods converted to Australian dollars.  This duty only applies to articles of jewellery eg; Engagement Ring, Pendants etc, NOT loose Diamonds or gemstones. This duty is waived with Countries that have Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Australia. 
  3. Customs: The N10 or Formal Entry Form above has a set fee;  Entry Fee for Items over $1000 – $10’000= $88 Formal Entry Fee for Items over $10’000 += $190
  4. The Department of Agriculture. If The Department of Agriculture may also wish to view or scan your import for any bio security issues.  This cost is usually only $38 if shipped by air, but you will not be asked about this, they will either send you a bill directly and may hold the package until it’s paid. (it is highly unlikely that this will happen)  Biosecurity Costs
  5. The USA does have a Free Trade Agreement with Australia and as such no Duties (5%) are charged for importing Diamonds on their own , however if the Diamond is set in an a Ring or Pendant etc you will be required to pay an extra 5% Duty.   The UK does not have a Free Trade Agreement at this stage.
  6. Duty Checker: Australian Government – Free Trade Portal Website

RETURNing your Jewellery back OVERSEAS

What happens when Customs or the Courier phone and say you owe this much $$$ before the article is released. If you anticipated it then all good, but you may get bill shock. Not quite right or what you thought?  The big online Diamond retailers say they offer returns, but at whose costs?  Check their fine print on returns.  Almost all of these big online sellers expect you to pay the Return Costs and Insurance Cover for oversea’s transactions.  Plus, you will NOT be entitled to any GST, Duty or DOA fee refunds from the Australian Customs Border Force or The Department of Agriculture.  Associated costs in Australia are all your responsibility. IN and OUT. 

James clearly state (below)  that you only pay a fee of $50 (US) to return your ring or diamond.  Which isn’t too bad really for an international shipment with insurance, but there is no mention of refunding the GST and Duty if it’s a finished jewellery item.

James Allen Return Shipping Information
* Img: James Allen®

Buying in Australia

Stop trying to find the best deal and wasting hours on the net, we take the hassle out of trying to import a Diamond or Jewellery from oversea’s.  You don’t need to fill out any Customs forms, you can actually speak with the Designer and Jeweller.  there are no hidden or unforeseen costs.  It’s hard enough learning about diamonds and what to look for. 

Search and buy online, Natural and Lab Grown Diamond inventory from around the Globe.

If you are in doubt or having trouble finding the perfect diamond then reach out, we will help you. With Mark being a qualified Gemologist, we will hunt the World searching for your that perfect Natural or Lab Created Diamond or Gemstone. We can show you or tell you what to look for when selecting a diamond, whether it’s using an ASET Tool or an Ideal Scope (Diamond Symmetry Viewer) or just explaining in detail about the 4C’s.

Don’t live nearby?, we will guarantee that your Diamond is exactly what you payed for before we ship it to you. Fully Insured by Lloyd’s of London.

Buying in Australia supports us all.

All Diamonds are shown in Australian Dollars and include all customs, duties and taxes. No more to pay.

Thinking of buying a Diamond Overseas?
100% Five Star Google Reviews
Sonny S
Sonny S
Cairns - QLD
Read More
Amazing experience working with Mark from Me Jewelery We were looking for a diamond for our engagement ring, so we started searching online, you get bombarded with all the big online overseas retailers hammering you with ads & searches. So I started looking through their catalogues & talking with their experts. They asked you a few questions, looked at your budget & just put 3 options in front of you & said these were great for what you are looking for. Not really explained why these particular diamonds were suited to us or what other options we could look at. From all the work I had done learning about diamonds I think I could've chosen better diamonds traits at the same price. This was something that had to mean something to us, it was special & not just here is 3 options pick one & send us your card no. It had been 3 months of searching & learning & to be honest we were kind of just at that point where you just wanted it over & done ................."click to read more".
Jade & Tim
Jade & Tim
Bayswater - WA
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Unbelievably good experience building.our custom ring with Emma and Mark. Not only were they very patient with our millions of questions, they kept us updated through every step of the process, ensuring the finished product was exactly what we were after. Absolutely in love with my engagement ring and couldn't recommend them enough-thank you!

* Images: The images used-depicted on this page are borrowed from the websites indicated and are not associated with Me Jewellery. We are using these images as 'Fair Use' and will remove them if requested to do so.

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