importing diamonds or rings into australia

Importing Diamonds or Rings into Australia

It sounds easy enough, most oversea’s websites are offering you the convenient option of viewing and paying in Australian Dollars and quite often also offering Free Shipping and Returns!, plus It makes sense to shop around, we all do it, no one wants to pay more than they should.  

Sounds too good?, especially when you are seeing Natural Diamonds and Lab Grown Diamonds or Rings on oversea’s websites like Blue Nile, Brilliant Earth, James Allen, Brian Gavin, Whiteflash, 77 Diamonds, Ritani etc etc at what appears great value and sometimes better than Australian websites.  Well it often is too good to be true, there are hidden costs and dangers associated with importing and returning your Diamonds and Ring.

I’ve look into the up’s and downs of importing your Diamonds or Jewellery into Australia, and i’ve included a few helpful links if you are certain that’s the way to go.

Firstly the two most important things many buyers don’t take into account;

1) is the GST (10%) included? any Diamond or article of jewellery imported into Australia is subject to our 10% GST. 

2) The Australian Dollar price indicated on these websites is an ESTIMATE!  When you pay for your Diamond or Ring you will usually be charged in US, UK or Euro’s depending on the sellers location.  Even if you are paying in Australian Dollars, what exchange rate are these websites offering you? They don’t say!…..Your Bank or Building Society in Australia ultimately dictates what rate you get on the day and charged accordingly.



Australian Customs

We all have heard of them, and most of know that we need them to help enforce our laws and protect our Flora and Fauna from items entering Australia that may or will damage our way of life. The Australian Customs office works closely with the Australian Border Force, The Department of Agriculture, Water & the Environment, and the Federal Police to help enforce our laws.

So let’s look at what’s involved in getting your Diamond or Ring into the Country and shipped to your house.


We at Me Jewellery will try to be the most price competative as we can be, but sometimes Diamonds, rings and Jewellery are being sold at below cost by other Jewellers and Merchants.  This usually only happens rarely and is because certain items may now be classed as ‘dead stock’ it hasn’t sold so businesses move it on and free up some capital money for the business.  Sometimes a bargain might be too good to be true!

If you are still deciding whether to purchase your Diamond, Ring or Jewellery oversea’s then these links may help you work out some other costs.

Border Force N10 Form

Items over $1000 – $10’000= $50+

Items over $10’000 = $152+

  Customs Import Form (N10) 

The Department of Agriculture

AQIS fees, The Department of Agriculture may also wish to view or scan your import for any bio security issues.  This can also cost between $70 – $170. You will not be asked about this, they will either send you a bill directly and may hold the package until it’s paid.

Department of Agriculture – Inspection Information


Australian Customs Duty Calculator

Convert your purchase into Australian dollars!, I mentioned this earlier, even though some websites show you prices in AUD, You can only get an accurate exchange rate through your BANK/Building Society’s International Transfer rate on the day this could add hundreds/thousands to the final cost that you didn’t expect.

To calculate any GST on imported goods, add the value of the goods in Australian dollars, plus freight, insurances and the import duty (if Applicable).  The import duty is based on 5% of the value of your goods converted to Australian dollars.  This duty is waived with Countries that have Free Trade Agreements (FTA) with Australia. 

GST Calculator: Calculate your GST

BlueNile.Com Tax Information:

Other Links

RETURNing your Jewellery back OVERSEAS

What happens when Customs or the Courier phone and say you owe this much $$$ before the article is released. If you anticipated it then all good, but you may get bill shock. Not quite right or what you thought?  The big online Diamond retailers say they offer returns, but at whose costs?  Check their fine print on returns.  Almost all of these big online sellers expect you to pay the Return Costs and Insurance Cover for oversea’s transactions.  Plus, you will NOT be entitled to any GST, Duty or DOA fee refunds from the Australian Customs Border Force or The Department of Agriculture.  Associated costs in Australia are all your responsibility. IN and OUT. 

Two Diamonds with Identical IMages

This is a true story, we had a client who asked us about comparing these two Natural Diamonds. We had a déjà vu moment when flicking from one page to another. Both diamond images are from a major leading Diamond Jeweller in the USA, They were comparing prices, and hadn’t even noticed that the diamond images were Identical.

Many other diamonds on their website appear to show the actual diamond, but when we are presented with these two diamonds, which one is real or are neither of them? it does make you think twice, especially when we are trying to compare diamonds against diamonds not ‘apples for apples’. their Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight are defining characteristics and their price is made up from these.   We managed to find him a fantastic Cushion Cut Mined Diamond, images are posted on our Instagram Page. 

Buying in Australia

We take the hassle out of trying to import a Diamond or Jewellery from oversea’s.  You don’t need to fill out any Customs forms, there are no hidden or unforeseen costs.  It’s hard enough learning about diamonds and what to look for.  With Mark being a qualified Gemologist, he can show you what to look for when selecting a diamond, whether it’s using an ASET Tool or an Ideal Scope (Diamond Symmetry Viewer) or just explaining in detail about the 4C’s.

Don’t live nearby?, we will guarantee that your Diamond is exactly what you payed before we ship it to you.

We ship Worldwide.

Buying in Australia supports us all

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